Intro to DAW


Working with a Digital Audio Workstation is an undeniable facet of being a well-rounded musician. Basic skills using a DAW are necessary for many aspects of professional work, including composition, notation, instrumentation for commercial music, and recording your own high-quality demos so you can save time and money before heading into a professional studio. We work with Logic Pro X, as we are mainly a scoring house. If you would like instruction on the ins-and-outs of the top software program for film and television scoring, and hands-on experience using the program, our Intro to DAW workshop is perfect. We use top-of-the-line instrument samples (Kontakt Komplete Ultimate 11), and you will leave with a better understanding of the multitude of possibilities you have for home recording.

Workshops are held for three hours on a Saturday afternoon. Call for current schedule. 615-913-7117.

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