Pup (Age 4-11)

Our Pup Program is specifically designed for your young child to experience the joy of learning music. Our program founder has extensive experience teaching music to young children and children with special needs. We feel strongly that every child has something to gain from the musical experience. We are here to facilitate those moments of discovery, joy, and confidence. Music is a skill that has lifelong benefits. Our teachers fondly remember their experience as a young music student and strongly believe that no age is too young to start.

We work with your child on their instrument of choice at any skill level. We offer instruction in piano, ukulele, guitar, singing, rhythm and bass guitar. We conveniently come to you for in-home lessons, or you can bring your child and visit our beautiful lesson studio in the historic Marathon Village. Pricing is as follows:

30 minute lesson

Home: $55

Studio: $30

45 minute lesson

Home: $70

Studio: $45

60 minute lesson

Home: $85

Studio: $60

We welcome every student. Our curriculum is technique-based and incorporates many elements of improvisation, songwriting, and music therapy. Our purpose is to facilitate learning in a supportive, energetic environment so that kids leave each lesson feeling the excitement that creative play brings. If you think we are the right fit for you child, please give us a call at 615-913-7117 to set up a free introductory lesson.

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